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A delectable blend of rosé wine and grapefruit.
The range’s lead flavour. VeRy Pamp’s pure pink hue is reminiscent of pink grapefruit flesh. It is an attractive, delicate balance of rosé wine and subtly sweet, fresh grapefruit.

The tangy flavour of the grapefruit also works well with white wine.
Bursting with sunshine, why not enjoy VeRy Pamp’ white while lazing in the shade of a parasol !

A perfect balance between white wine and pineapple, with the aroma of the exotic fruit subtly dominating. Its white shade, flecked with golden yellow highlights, is clean and elegant. Fresh, smooth and lush, this unique combination will delight those who like tropical flavours.

The harmonious marriage of deliciously crisp rosé wine and the distinctive flavour of an iconic Caribbean fruit. VeRy Passion’s pale pink hue is a subtle allusion to the lushness of the passion fruit. This bold, fresh and delectable blend offers up a symphony of flavours. The finesse and smoothness of the passion fruit, combined with the delicious crisp character of the rosé, are sure to revive the taste buds.

A blend of wine and dark fruit, VeRy Cassis Red has surprising aromatic power. Like a velvety caress, this combination captivates the taste buds in a kind of mysterious alchemy.

VeRy Cassis is almost elixir-like, the rosé wine is flattered and complemented by its powerful fruit flavours. The small berries delicately flavour the wine and wrap it in an array of pure, deep pink shades.

The unexpected marriage of rosé wine with plump strawberries creates surprising freshness. VeRy Fraise is a seductive blend that sets the senses tingling!

A balanced blend of crisp white wine and sweet peach. The wine has an attractive golden hue and is fresh and supple. It shows a surprising balance between the liveliness of the wine and the sweetness and smoothness of the peach, summer’s favourite fruit.

An elegant blend of rosé wine and raspberry.
The wine has a silky raspberry-like hue and balances the intensity of the fruit, resulting in an amazingly elegant and sweet beverage.

A natural union of crisp white wine with delicious green apple. The pale yellow hue with vibrant green highlights is reminiscent of fresh apples. This unique blend creates a refreshing, delectable drink.

The perfect pairing of rosé wine and delicious, tree-ripe cherry fruit. The fresh cherry aroma subtly dominates, brought out by the delicate balance between the aromas of the wine and the sweetness of the fruit.

VeRy Pep’s Pamp’ is created from a harmonious blend of rosé wine and grapefruit, set off by very fine bubbles. Its pure pink hue with shimmering highlights is reminiscent of the juicy flesh of pink grapefruit.
It is fresh on the palate, underpinned by zingy citrus flavours. The bubbles* add a touch of freshness and invigorate the wine on entry to the palate.

VeRy Pep’s Pêch’ is made from the subtle association of white wine and peaches, set off by very fine bubbles. Its light golden hue is reminiscent of the colour of peaches.
The perfect balance between the crispness of the wine and the sweetness of the fruit, is invigorated by the lovely, fresh bubbles*.

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Produced from a delicate blend of wine and fruit, VeRy is produced from fruit syrups,
natural flavours and wines which have been carefully selected for their finesse and aromatic intensity.