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to create and enjoy with
the different very flavours

VeRy is a comprehensive range of several ready-to-enjoy flavours, resulting from a delicate blend of wine and fruit and offering you a fresh, fruity drinking experience. To accompany the array of different VeRy flavours, we have created 16 original and delectable appetizer recipes for you to create and enjoy. Enjoy !

VeRy Ananas

Mini skewers of marinated chicken “coco loco”

VeRy Cassis rosé

Deep fried balls of smoked duck breast & grape-must flavoured mustard

VeRy Cassis rouge

Verrines of goat’s cheese and blackcurrant on a bed of sucrine lettuce

VeRy Ceris'

Mini mugs of ewe’s cheese & black cherry

VeRy Fraise

Verrines of cherry tomato, strawberry & lemon grass

VeRy Frambois'

Makis of Bresaola, rocket & Saint-Maure cheese

VeRy Pamp' blanc

Tartines topped with sautéed red mullet with lime

VeRy Pamp' rosé

Plancha-style razor clams Sauteed squid with chorizo Verrine of raw vegetables Smoked salmon mini wraps “Veryssini "tournedos"

VeRy Passion

Stir-fried prawns with passion fruit

VeRy Pêch'

Peach, gorgonzola, walnut & parmesan mini tarts. Alsatian 4-spice tartines

VeRy Pom'

Crunchy filo salmon mille-feuilles with apples & herbs

Produced from a delicate blend of wine and fruit, VeRy is produced from fruit syrups,
natural flavours and wines which have been carefully selected for their finesse and aromatic intensity.